If you are a business owner, accountant or bookkeeper using QuickBooks Desktop and could use some comprehensive training or personal coaching... this program is for you.

Watch this short video to learn about 30-Days to Better Bookkeeping with QuickBooks.

Here are the topics covered in the 30-Day Program.  While this program is intended to be completed in 30 days, you can go at your own pace and will have access to the program for one year.


 Day 1:  Your bookkeeping method: which of 3 do you use?

  Day 2:  Accurate company information

  Day 3:  Paperwork:  what to do with it

  Day 4 - 6:  Setting up  Proper Preferences

  Day 7:  Chart of Accounts

  Day 8:  Purchase Types 

  Day 9:  Entering Purchases using PO's (COG)

Day 10:  Entering Expenses using Write Checks, Enter & Pay Bills

Day 11:  Enter credit card transactions

Day 12:  Payroll

Day 13:  Review

Day 14:  Income:  Items & Services

Day 15:  Estimates / Invoicing / Sales Tax

Day 16:  Receive Payments / Make deposits

Day 17:  Sales Receipts

Day 18:  Statements

Day 19:  Reconciling Financial Accounts

Day 20:  Reconciling Credit Card Statements

Day 21:  Review

Day 22:  Financial Statements:  P&L

Day 23:  Financial Statements:  Balance Sheet

Day 24:  Time Saving Tip - Prepare Receipts

Day 25:  Recordkeeping & Filing

Day 26:  Time Saving Tips

Day 27:  Year End Checklist

Day 28:  Working with your accountant

Day 29:  QB Maintenance

Day 30 - Congratulations - Certificate of Completion

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This course will help you become more efficient and effective using QuickBooks Desktop.


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30-Days to Better Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Desktop


This training features 30 training modules with videos, text, audio, pdf's and more including accountability questions.


Extremely comprehensive and covers all aspects of your bookkeeping.


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