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Great job! This, by far, has been the best analysis anyone has ever done for us. You really covered a lot of ground and opened our eyes to some areas that have been in neglect for quite some time. Carol and I definitely want to enlist more of your services going forward. 

What you can expect from me

  • Confidentiality.   I treat all the information shared by you verbally and in written form regarding your financial records, or any other information pursuant to your business practices, with the strictest confidence.  All information will be used for the sole purpose of performing the agreed upon services and will not be disclosed unless required by law.

  • Availability & Quick Response. I typically reply to phone calls and e-mails within the hour unless I am in a training session or otherwise unavailable.   You can definitely expect a reply within 24 hours unless  I'm on vacation or very ill.

  • Accuracy & Integrity.  I support all of my knowledge and work and will back it up with reliable sources or past experience.   Always feel free to question things I say or do.  Usually I am reciting IRS regulations, accounting principles or best-practice scenarios.  I do make mistakes but will remedy them at my own expense.

  • Encouragement & Support .  My mission is to help other businesses succeed.

  • No Contract.  You may choose to retain my services at any time.   My services are  retained on a first ask, first booked basis.  I usually invoice on a monthly basis.

  • Summary of work.  I typically send a thorough summary of meetings, projects, or weekly work completed, outlining any required action steps.


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