You-Train University is a coaching and training platform designed to provide exceptional detailed instruction along with personalized coaching to answer questions so that you can apply what you learn to your business. 

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30-Days to Better Bookkeeping with 
QuickBooks Desktop


This training features 30 training modules with videos, text, audio, pdf's and more including accountability questions.


Extremely comprehensive and covers all aspects of your bookkeeping.


Package Price:   $297




Your QuickBooks is as unique as your business.

Your training should be unique as well.


Our combined coaching & training packages provide comprehensive training through videos, audio, text, and e-books plus gives you the opportunity to answer and ask questions ensuring you apply what you learn to your business.  Check out our programs below.

Managing Accounts Receivable in QuickBooks


Learn how to manage accounts receivable using Income Tracker, Collections Center, Statements and A/R Reports in QuickBooks.


This training features 3 videos, text, terms and definitions, outside resources and 5 accountability questions.


Package Price:   $37


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"I never knew these features were in QuickBooks!  Thanks for the training!"  Gail, CFO

Financial Statements Analysis & Review


Financial Statements tell a lot about how profitable a company is and if the company is healthy in terms of its equity.  They also indicate whether or not proper bookkeeping methods are being used.


Included in my one-time Financial Statement Review:


  • Determine profitabilty and potential growth sectors

  • Analyze COGS 

  • Line by line expense review 

  • Thorough Balance Sheet breakdown and briefs

  • Equitability analysis

  • Errors in QuickBooks procedures

  • Overall impression


Financial Statements Review

Package Price:  $127





 You must provide copies of Current YTD Income Statement, prior month income statement, last year's Income Statement, Current Balance Sheet and last year's Balance Sheet as well as accounting method (cash vs. accrual) and bookkeeping method (QuickBooks, Peachtree, spreadsheets, other). A backup copy of your current QB file is preferred but statements will be accepted. All information is uploaded using a secure portal and will be kept confidential.


One-Time (Daily) Custom Coaching


With this custom coaching package, you have up to 30 minutes of custom coaching each day you pay, using the client-coach portal that is provided to you once payment is received. 


These questions need to be business related and professional. 


This process is meant to be used as a dialogue back and forth to help you find the best solutions for your current needs and apply them to your business.


Coaching is availalable in these general topic areas:

  • Bookkeeping Training

  • Business Consulting

  • Financial Review

  • Microsoft Office 

  • Microsoft OneNote Training

  • New Business Development

  • Office Organization

  • On-Site Process Analysis

  • QuickBooks Consulting

  • QuickBooks Integrations

  • QuickBooks Repair

  • QuickBooks Review

  • QuickBooks Troubleshooting

  • Small Business Development

  • Software Solutions

  • Website Review

  • Work-Flow Analysis 

You will be able to share any necessary documents with me to help explain your needs.  You will receive a response within 48 hours, and usually within 24 hours.  Most responses will include in-depth answers, videos, e-guides, steps or other supporting material to provide the best solutions and answers to your questions.


Daily Coaching Program

Package Price:  $97

Monthly Custom Coaching


You will have unlimited questions via my personal coaching portal pertaining to your business, not to exceed 30 minutes per day or 4 hours per month accumulated time.  You will receive a response in 1-3 days. Most responses will include in-depth answers, videos, e-guides, steps or other supporting material to provide the best solutions and answers to your questions.


Coaching can be short term based on achieving strategic objectives or for in-depth customized learning of software or business procedures such as QuickBooks, OneNote,  small business analysis, marketing, or work-flow analysis.


Monthly Coaching (month-to-month)

Package Price: $497



Join the hundreds of satisfied clients who have used my years of business experience and unique consulting approach to become more efficient and more effective - and more profitable.