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Everyone who owns a business wants to make money.  This takes cash flow. Cash flow is having money flow in and out of your company at the right times in order to optimize the solvency of the business. The ultimate goal is to have the business sustain itself and grow. 


As a business consultant, one of the services I offer my small business clients is a web-based service called LivePlan. LivePlan is an online business planning, budget, forecasting and cash flow tool that takes financial date from QuickBooks or Xero, and creates easy to read, easy to comprehend, charts so you can visually see revenue and expense breakdowns, cash flow forecasts, margins, accounts receivable data, and so much more.



There are 3 plans to choose from for using LivePlan to increase cash flow and grow your business.



LivePlan 1 - The Basic


For $19.95 month (or $11.66/mo billed annually), you can sign up today and have your own account.  You will be responsible for setting up your own pitch,  plan, forecast, and milestones.  You will sync your own QuickBooks or Xero file to your LivePlan account.  This is the perfect solution for the DIY type business owner who likes to be hands on or can't quite afford the next two levels.  Cancel anytime.




LivePlan 2 - Onboarding


For an initial setup of $295, I will set up your  pitch,  plan, forecast, and milestones as well as assist in syncing your QuickBooks or Xero file to your LivePlan account.  After that, for only $95/month you receive written recommendations and milestones based on the LivePlan data to help you implement the next best measures for reaching your financial goals.  Cancel anytime.




LivePlan 3 - Committed to Grow


In addition to setting up your  pitch,  plan, forecast, and milestones as well as assist in syncing your QuickBooks or Xero file to your LivePlan account, you will receive unlimited consultation via my coaching portal, an initial Financial Statements Analysis & Review, monthly financial review and recommendations, process improvement, and aggressive monthly goal setting, accountability plans to help catapult you towards your financial goals.  Exceptional, confidential, consulting and financial services for only $495 / month.  You can cancel or go back down to Level 1 or 2 at any time.  Contact me today - limited availability.


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