Finally... an easy way to access your clients QuickBooks Desktop company file without the hassle of remote entry or the expense of cloud hosting.

If you need to access your clients books occassionally to reconcile accounts, fix mistakes, or do end-of-period journal entries, and don't need to work simultaneously in QuickBooks with your client, Qbox is the answer!


You can also share documents quickly and easy, using their unique, easy-to-use folder sharing technology.


What is Qbox?

Qbox is a folder on your PC attached to the cloud. Files kept in the Qbox folder can be shared with your accountants, clients, business partners or employees securely.


How is Qbox different from services like QuickBooks hosting?

Hosted services like QuickBooks hosting keep both the QuickBooks program and company files on the cloud server. Users have to login to their accounts over the Internet and use the program and files on the cloud server only. So there is a dependency on the Internet performance and the performance of the cloud server which needs to run an instance of QuickBooks for every user. All users can login and make changes simultaneously.

With Qbox, the QuickBooks program and the company files remain on the user's PC so there is no change in the user's environment and performance. Qbox uses Internet only for syncing changes after the user closes the file, so Qbox works well even when Internet bandwidth is low. With Qbox, only one user can make changes at a time, while others can view the file simultaneously.


Which applications does Qbox support?

Qbox supports Intuit QuickBooks (2008 and later versions), Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2007 and later versions). Additional applications in the accounting, tax, design, insurance, and other areas are planned to be supported in the future, based on customer demand. Please send an email to if you have a specific requirement.


Which operating systems does Qbox support?

Qbox works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.


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