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Microsoft OneNote


You may already have Microsoft OneNote software if you use Microsoft Office.


If you don't ... OneNote is now free for everyone on all platforms!


Microsoft OneNote can increase productivity by having everything from policies to templates accessible from one location .  


Watch the one minute video to see how OneNote can help your business.


  • OneNote Training Videos

  • OneNote Classes

  • On-Site OneNote Training

  • OneNote Templates 




What OneNote can do for your business
  • Increase Productivity through shared collaboration

  • Reduce redundancy by keeping company information in one place

  • Save Time by entering meeting notes, and files, directly into a shared notebook

  • Make Project Management Easier with templates, updates and deadlines

  • Organize Documents into easy to find, easy to search locations

  • Central place for everything related to your business 

Ways I use OneNote in my business:


  • Daily Tasks (Daily 7 To Do) 

  • Company Policies & Procedures

    • Mission Statement, Goals and Strategic Objectives

    • Password protect sensitive data

  • Communicate with my Assistant

    • Enter tasks

    • Newsletter topics

    • Social Media post

  • Clients

    • New Customer Profile form

    • Online collaboration

    • Checklists for QuickBooks Training

    • End of Year Checklist I provide all customers each year

    • Work summaries

    • My service rates and working with me virtually

    • Project templates

    • In my Customer Notebook, section for each client

    • Bigger Clients I have entire notebook for

  • Product Development

  • Create digital products

    • Publish as pdf or use on my coaching platform

  • Gather information related to one Topic

    • Everything OneNote

    • Everything QuickBooks

    • Software Solutions

  • Writing

    • Blog posts

    • Social media posts and schedule (embed & sync Excel sheet)

    • Journaling

    • Letters

    • Articles

  • Reference Library

    • Copy articles and pictures from Internet

    • Automatically creates a link from where it is from 

  • Track Regulatory issues and links

  • Recipes (love the downloadable recipe book)