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Fearful of Technology?

Technology can be scary. Often times I hear these objections to a new solution:

  • I don't want to learn how to use another program or device

  • I don't want to spend more money on another solution

  • I don't have time to train my employees

  • There are so many options - I don't know what the best solution is

These can be valid concerns, however if you open your mind up to the possibility of something new, and more importantly to the beneficial outcomes of incorporating a newer, better system or solution, you may find that technology can drastically change the way you do business and can enhance sales, reduce expenses, increase your cash flow, and save you valuable time.

The key to utilizing technology is to start with your needs, find the business tool that will best meet those needs, and properly implement that solution.

Let's take a closer look at each of the objections listed above.

Learning another program or device, may indeed seem daunting. Many times it's simply a fear of not understanding how something works. Most software solutions and other business tools come with video training, e-guides and support people that can make the process easy to implement. Also, understanding that the benefits may far outweigh the learning curve can help you dive in.

Money. Most software solutions are now on a subscription basis, typically referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS), with recurring monthly fees, rather than the one-time purchase price of a few years ago. I used to resist adding another "monthly" fee to my credit card statement. I've come to realize that many times, however, it's better to have SaaS than to purchase a program.

Some of the benefits of SaaS include:

  • Regular updates to the program are usually transparent and included in the monthly fee

  • Most offer a trial period to test out the software, saving a large investment

  • Many SaaS offer various levels to match your business needs as you grow

  • For online or cloud based software, you won't lose the program due to a computer crash

  • Backups of data are typically located on the cloud and performed by the provider, saving you time and the headaches of manual backups

  • If your business changes, or closes, you can cancel or suspend your software

Select only those solutions that benefit your business by either saving time, increasing efficiency, optimizing work flow, or saving money. Sometimes NOT implementing a solution can cause more money to be spent than your investment in the solution.

Investing the time, or hiring a professional, to train your employees on their role in the work flow of your company and to properly use all your business tools, will bring a return on that investment that could:

  • Increase efficiency and decrease bottlenecks resulting in saved time

  • Produce happier employees

  • Improve communications with vendors, staff, and customers

  • Create more opportunities for up-selling

Technology changes quickly and there are so many options out there. You don't have to spend endless hours searching for each solution on your own. Ask other business associates what they use for accounting, scheduling, marketing and scanning. Talk to family and friends about the type of phone they use (iPhone or Android) and why they like or don't like it.

There are also professionals, such as myself, who research and test hundreds of potential business tools in an effort to match you with the best solutions, at the best prices, and offer implementation and training as well. Watch for my upcoming post on recommended solutions for specific needs and the top ten tools I use in my own business.

Take the fear out of technology and improve your bottom line.

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